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Testimonials from Partners

We are extremely proud of the work we do and equally proud to work with such amazing partners. 

The Prince's Trust

Emma Southern

Team programme logo

“The Prince’s Trust has been working in Partnership with Inspire and Achieve for several years and have seen the organisation grow and develop  a range of quality services for some of Nottingham and Nottinghamshire’s most target communities.    As an organisation they have embraced the core values of the Prince’s Trust in the delivery of their Team Programme and have successfully secured other funding to enrich and add value to every young person’s experience.    


We have been delighted to the growth in their TEAM offer.  Alongside their intensive mentoring, attention to detail and ongoing quality monitoring, the learner experience is exemplary.  The 20/21 academic year has been challenging for all our partners across the UK due to the Covid-19 pandemic.  Inspire and Achieve were fully committed to being there for young people, with a responsive and flexible offer so that they could deliver to and reach young people.


We aim to continue working in partnership with Inspire and Achieve.  The collaborative working enables us to continue to reach communities that are disengaged from all other mainstream services and support. 

Matrix Accreditation

Alyson, Matrix Assessor

Matrix IAG Accreditation logo

“The ethos and culture of IAF are clear from first contact. The young person is at the centre of all activity and programmes/projects are there to support the individual, rather than the other way around. Highly effective strategic management enables best use of funding whilst retaining the mission: ‘Inspiring Young People: empowering them to achieve their best’. Staff, partners and young people interviewed shared the view that IAF is an extraordinary service offering honest, inclusive and considerable support without bias or judgement”


“Having access to genuine mentor support before, during and beyond specific programmes ensures that people do not fall through the net and can access this support on an ongoing basis. The mentor role is highly valued and for some young people has contributed to believing in themselves, moving forward towards work or learning or preventing self-harm. Partners agreed that this element of the service is a key factor which separates IAF from other organisations.”


“Staff have a tangible passion for supporting all young people; the service is inclusive and non-discriminatory and staff see the potential in everyone. There is added credibility to the work through staff personal histories and for the ongoing career progression for young people who have used the service and successfully applied for voluntary and paid work at IAF. There is an understanding across the organisation that previous difficulties, although acknowledged and worked through, are not a reason for future failure. Staff genuinely believe in their clients’ ability to move forward in their lives.”


“Leadership is inspirational, and effective management of funding enables the aims of IAF to be accomplished. There is a clear definition of the client group and no mission drift, which enhances delivery, as staff and young people know what the ethos and culture of the organisation are and what to expect. Excellent strategic partnership work has enabled IAF to raise its profile and be innovative in its delivery”


“The measurement of softer outcomes, such as increased confidence, self-esteem and the skills to talk in groups enables young people to see their progress over time, without the pressure of only being measured on formal outcomes such as qualifications. The importance of steps towards a goal is acknowledged and staff celebrate this with young people. All gains are considered positive and each young person is supported and challenged to meet and build on these over time.”


“70% of young people have a positive outcome of work, learning or training and considering the starting points for many young people, this is an excellent result.”

Could you help us improve the lives of young people in Nottinghamshire?

Speak with IAF Director, Pippa Carter, to find out more about partnership opportunities.

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