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Our Impact

Youth unemployment is leaving a £45 billion hole in the economy per year.

On average it costs IAF £850 to help each young person; significantly cheaper than potential long-term benefits payments.

Within the Midlands, the decline of local industries has hit hard, and some people have been out of work for multiple generations. We know that people in this situation have low aspirations, low self-esteem, poor skills and often suffer from abuse, neglect, bullying, teenage pregnancy, addictions, poverty, homelessness, peer pressure or have care responsibilities.

The impact of this on their lives is huge. It leads to mental and physical barriers to moving forward with their lives. We cannot change what has happened in their lives, but through what we do we can help them find the support they need to work their way towards a better future.

IAF Team young people next to skate part during community project

79% of our Prince's Trust learners move on to a positive outcome

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The work we do at IAF would not be possible without the generosity of our supporters. To learn more about our funding partners, please click here.

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