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Returning to education as a young parent

Updated: Nov 23, 2023

Feeling trapped by rising childcare costs? Want to get back into education after starting a family but unsure where to begin?

Being a parent is hard work and it can often feel hard to remember your life before your kids arrived. For those looking to the future and considering a return to learning, there's support available to help. Our team of mentors can help you explore the pathway that's right for you and your family and connect you with funding opportunities to make your transition back into education a little easier...

Prince's Trust Team Programme

If you're aged 16-25 and feeling unsure about your options, or are anxious about getting back into the classroom, the Prince's Trust Team programme could be a great fit for you. In this 12 week course, you'll join other unemployed young people to build your confidence and gain employability skills along the way. With support from a dedicated Team leader, you'll add lots of new skills and experiences to your CV, opening the door to new opportunities in education, employment or training and helping you create routine and structure around your caring responsibilities.

Learn more and read FAQ's about the course before signing up to join the next Team here.

For those considering going on to University, be sure to mention your caring responsibilities in your application. Your chosen university will be able to advise on any support packages they have available for young parents, which might include adapted study provisions, financial aid, subsidised childcare facilities or general wellbeing support. The Student Union at your chosen university will also be able to connect you with support and often have student parent groups so you can get tips from other learners juggling similar responsibilities and schedules. Always speak to an admissions advisor at each of your university options so you can make an informed decision that meets your personal and parenting needs.

Applying for funding

Care to Learn

For young people aged 20 and under, the Government's Care to Learn scheme offers financial support to young parents who want to get back into education. Eligible recipients under the Care to Learn scheme can receive grants of £180 per child per week to cover childcare costs so you have time to study. Find out more by calling 0800 121 8989 or click here to see if you qualify for support.

Learner support

Under the Government's Learner Support scheme, young people aged 19 and over who are in further education and facing hardship can receive financial support to cover costs that help you to study. This means-tested fund can include financial support for childcare - speak to your college for a referral.

Family Action's Educational Grants Programme

As a young parent you are able to apply to the Family Action's Educational Grants Programme which has been set up to help parents unlock their potential by returning to education. Like the Learner support scheme above, you will need to speak to your college about making an application as these are only accepted via the college itself rather than from individuals directly. Grants average at roughly £200 to help you cover course expenses such as purchasing new IT equipment or text books.

You might also be eligible for other grants so be sure to search the Turn 2 Us website alongside any government provisions. Lots of charities and organisations provide individual funding to help people thrive and meet basic needs so this is a fantastic resource for help to fund IT equipment and other costs you might incur along the way.

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