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Boost your confidence!

Ever heard the phrase confidence is key? Unlock your potential and boost this essential skill to help you stay one step ahead.

Building your confidence, discovering your sense of self and developing a positive mindset are steps we all go through in life and whilst low self-esteem and confidence can really hold you back, just like other skills, it is something you can master with time and practice. Here at IAF, we adopt an anxiety-friendly model with all of our projects because we recognise that first leap of faith when trying something new can feel daunting. But what can you do to help reduce the anxiety you feel and boost your confidence? Let's break it down...

Unfortunately we live in a society that likes to pick at people's flaws so there can be a lot to unpack when finding the courage to try something new. From feeling body conscious to socially awkward, we've all had those niggling moments of self doubt that stop us in our tracks. Remembering the times that things have worked out or focussing on the things that we're good at can help us move forwards though and these little positive messages, or self-affirmations, can make a huge difference to how confident we feel in the moment. For some people, repeating these positive messages creates a shift in how they see themselves so why not try these confidence exercises from our partners at the Prince's Trust to get you thinking along the right lines.

Another strategy many draw motivation from is thinking about a future version of themselves that has achieved all that you set out to do. Don't forget you could barely escape the TikTok 'manifesting' craze during the pandemic which isn't really a coincidence when people felt so disempowered by the world around them. The determination and belief that you will 'make it' often makes being assertive more easy which brings us on to step two, discovering your sense of self.

In your life, you will learn so much about yourself and you can accelerate that process through meeting new people and testing new experiences. The Prince's Trust Team programme is a perfect way for you to get a broad range of personal (and employability) skills that will push you outside your comfort zone and help you find a path that's right for you - considering signing up to the next Team here.

Once you've found the path that makes you excited for the future - hold on to it! Try to keep that positive mindset but don't worry if you have a wobble; our support doesn't end after you complete a course, and if you need a mentor to help you get back on your feet, we're right here.

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