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Maintaining healthy relationships during the pandemic

The coronavirus outbreak is leading to big changes in the way we live our everyday lives. Our relationships will be hugely important for getting us through this but self-isolation, social distancing and other concerns may also place them under added pressure.

Here you can find advice for helping your relationships stay healthy during the pandemic. It is also important that you are able to recognise signs that you may not be part of a healthy relationship and where you can access support if you are worried about yourself or anyone you know. For anyone who feels they are at risk of abuse, it is important to remember that there is help and support available to you, including police response, online support, helplines, refuges and other services. You are not alone.

The household isolation instruction as a result of COVID-19 does not apply if you need to leave your home to escape domestic abuse. If you or someone you know are in immediate danger, call 999 and ask for the police - the police will continue to respond to emergency calls.

If you need to talk about your options, there are lots of people ready to listen:

Karma Nirvana: Karma Nirvana

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