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The Prince's Trust - who knew?

IAF deliver The Prince's Trust Team programme and other Prince's Trust qualifications, but did you know The Prince's Trust offer so many other programmes and projects and support people aged 11-30?

Whilst we are very proud to deliver some of their programmes - and we do a pretty good job of it too! - they have many other options available for you to check out here.

Over 1 million young people have been supported through Prince's Trust programmes since the charity started its work in 1976.

The Inspire and Achieve Foundation have been a partner for 5 years and are the only Nottinghamshire based provider of the TEAM programme. Not only do we deliver the Team programme, we are also able to deliver other Prince's Trust qualifications, more will be explained in future news ;)

Over the years, there have been many hundreds of thousands of success stories due to the work of The Prince's Trust and their partners (such as IAF), we thought we'd share some with you here.

  • Abby M, 19 - Joined Prince's Trust Enterprise programme to start her own business.

  • Alan D - Attended an Achieve programme to boost his confidence.

  • Brooke H, 22 - Joined a Prince's Trust Team programme (just like ours) to work out her next steps and build motivation.

Whilst these are some great stories, we have some closer to home that we are extremely proud of. 8 of our current staff team have also taken part in the Team programme themselves. Here is just one of those stories.

Gav, our Interim Director, left school early due to becoming disengaged and finding it difficult to motivate himself. Finishing year 11 with just 2 qualifications, despite being able to have achieved more, made finding sustainable employment difficult for a while afterwards. Gav didn't really know what he wanted to do or how he might get into a career that would stay enjoyable. After 4 years of working short term jobs, trying to find the right fit, and long periods of unemployment.

Gavin became a dad in 2011 and joined a Prince's Trust programme to help him find the best way forward. Gav started with a 'Get Started' in Football course with Derby County FC. In the 2 weeks of being on that programme he had secured a part time role with funded training to become a Community Football Coach for DCFC. Whilst doing this, he then joined a Team programme with Nottinghamshire Fire and Rescue Service. 12 weeks later and with a new found confidence and motivation, he volunteered to now build skills and experience as he realised he had potentially found a career to work towards. After 3 months of volunteering, and being a Prince's Trust Young Ambassador, Gavin was offered a position as an Assistant Team Leader. Then a Prince's Trust Team Leader. After 22 programmes, NFRS ceased delivery of The Team programme and Gav joined The Inspire and Achieve Foundation as the Training Manager and is now the current Interim Director.

Keep an eye out on our social media platforms as we plan to share more of you our own success stories over the coming weeks and months.

Did you know? There are also many high profile people who you may know who have been supported via Prince's Trust projects.

  • Idris Elba

  • Stereophonics

  • Dynamo

  • Naughty Boy

Watch Tom Hardy, Prince's Trust Goodwill Ambassador, and actor from Venom and Peaky Blinders, discuss the difficulties faced by many young people.

Remember, you can find out more about The Prince's Trust and The Inspire and Achieve Foundation by just clicking the names.

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